Things you'll love about Bohol

Bohol is a small island located in visayas region. People living in Bohol known as Boholano or Bol-anon. They are also known to be very accomodating and amiable because hospitality towards guest was a major aspect in social life in Bohol. Bol-anon are also very civil, if you will meet them on streets,they will greet you "maayong adlaw"( good day), or "maayong gabie" ( good evening). They prefer to call each other Sana orSano when Bol-anon meets up in one place.

The Ija-ija Ahu-ahu

They said Bol-anon has ija-ija ahu-ahu attitude but IT'S NOT TRUE INDEED. Bol-anon are known to be a cheerful giver. They open doors to their guests and give some foods to the needy or to the beggar.

The Bohol Fiesta

Bohol is very rich in culture. From tourist spots up to the fiestas.  Every month of may they celebrate fiestas. Mostly different barangay's celebrate fiesta in honor of their patron saint. It is also the month where they have families gathering because every family member who are far away from home will most likely going home during fiesta.


Bol-anon serves food at their best. One of the main dish during fiesta is lechon baboy. Visitor and guest love it too because Bol-anon's lechon is different from any other. It tastes so delicious and crunchier up to the last bite. Following dishes are humba, menudo, afritada,pancit and many more.

In the evening, it is their custom for having a disco. Don't be surprise if you will see even younger age was at the disco.

Tricycles or Habal-habal

Like any other places, Bohol has public vehicles. Instead of jeepneys, you can ride tricycles or habal-habal. There are only 3 passengers allowed to get in in tricycles excluding the driver.Where Habal-habal allowed 3 to 4 person,that is why it was being called habal-habal because it could carry 3-4 persons at a time.Habal-habal is mostly at the barangays,while tricycles are mostly at the city. Fare is from 8 pesos and above depends on your destination.

The City

The city is free from pollutants. You can see everywhere the designated trash bin in the area.People are living by the qoute "clean and green, makes healthy living" and "Be honest even if others are not"People are vigilant and attentive and followed the traffic light so there's no hassle at all.The city sleeps early at night 10pm,at 11pm you cannot see anyone on streets.

Family and friends loves to hang out at the mall. As expected, plenty of events held at the mall so foresee a huge of people specially when there was a local band performing.


When going to town, buses in the terminal at your service. When you travel as commuters or just a passenger,there are designated bus on every town so there's no hassle at all. If you want to be more suited with your travel then van for hire at your service. Buses fare is from 80 pesos and above depends on your location, V-hire is from 120 pesos and above.

Tourist Destination

Bohol is wealthy of cultures, traditions and beauty spots. It is one of the first destination for travelers and explorers because there are wealth of attractions. The well known chocolate hills, the floating restaurant, the tarsiers, hanging bridge and the interesting rides like zip-line, cable car, root climbing, and the must try- the plunge. You can also visit Can-Umantad falls, where you can witness a very amazing and spectacular waterfalls. It is situated at the town of Candijay but before reaching the falls you have to travel along the bumpy road of Barangay Tambongan, Cadapdapan,Abilihan and Can-Umantad where the falls was situated.

The Beach

When you are eager to swim at the middle of your getaway then there's nowhere more ideal than Anda and Panglao Island. You will be more fun-filled with the white sandy beaches and sure you will be indulged with the affectionate and amiable people. 

You can also visit Anda, ideal for your complete relaxation. It has white sandy beaches and approachable people. If you want to travel you can ride a series bus or v-hire. Anda is a 1 hour to 2 hours drive from Tagbilaran City.
Have fun and enjoy the white sandy beaches and snorkel in the crystal clear water, ideal for your tranquil, relaxing escape from the usual.


Souvenirs is a big part of exploit. Bohol offers plenty of souvenirs to bring back home like t-shirts, tarsier souvenirs like key-chain, refrigerator magnets, pouches for cellphones and coins. You can also have native handicrafts like bags and wallets, where Bol-anon made this for you to bring back home as a remembrance.


Of course! Aside from souvenirs, Don't forget to bring pasalubong for your family, love ones and friends. The best selling delicacies in Bohol no other than the Calamay or Kalamay.
It is made from sweet rice or malagkit (pilit in visayan), coconut milk and sugar and is place inside an empty coconut shell with a red ribbon around it. Also available in plastic containers, you can choose Ube flavor or the original flavor. The origin maker of Calamay was located at Jagna Bohol.

It's more fun in Bohol,Philippines!